Week Six Update

The Steam Phoenix Version 1

The Steam Phoenix Version 1

We’ve had a busy few weeks here at Team Phoenix! Mechanical has been putting in an absurd amount of hours, and it has given incredible reward – we have a completed robot! We’ve started to work on debugging the bits that aren’t working, and have started to build our second robot. The index and the shooter are functional, and our climber is working well too. Software has been doing a lot of testing in order to figure out if bugs are hardware or software issues. Their primary focuses as of now are the shooter, index, climber and drive train.


Wiring has been wiring the motherboard for bot number two, so that it can run soon. They have also been working on the index wiring and correcting issues on the original bot as well. Liam, our Systems lead, has been making sure that everyone gets the time that they need on the robot, and has organized who is working on the robot and when. Meanwhile, he has been creating the Bill of Materials, while continuing to coordinate the efforts of the team.


Business has been adding the finishing touches to the mascot and drive team costumes, including hats, vests, and other details that are looking amazing! A lot of grants and letters are being written, and award progress is coming along nicely. We are holding an event for team members to volunteer at the local soup kitchen soon, and are planning on hosting more Women in STEM workshops in the near future.

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