Week Seven – The Road to WPI

Our Mascot

We’ve had a busy week leading up to competition! Many of our members have been of February break, but that doesn’t stop us from working hard. Mechanical has been working diligently on the calibration of our shooter – we’ve created a better indexer that has no pinch points, so it will be able to run smoothly during competition. Our primary focus is making our shooter as accurate as possible – Software has been working on the code in order to make this a reality.  Autonomous function is being fine tuned, and it’s coming along very well.

Business has finished the mascot and drive team costumes entirely, and have packed them and everything else necesarry for our WPI competition. We have completed our new pit design, complete with an easy up! Our sponsors are attached via frames, and wooden gears accentuate the red cloth hanging from the top. Business also had a rare opportunity to work with power tools as we made weights to ensure that the easy up doesn’t get knocked down. We’ve also wrapped up all necessary binder, and are writing at least three grants per week. Finally, we’ve started making training modules for the next few years. The team is very excited for The Steam Phoenix’s competition debut at WPI!

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