Week Four Update

Fabricating during build season

Fabricating during build season

Week four was the beginning of a lot of progress on our robot! The shooter was completely fabricated and wired, and the climber had been created as well. All code had been tested, and the new drive train is working wonderfully. Software tuned the fly wheels and wrote tests for the shooter, and have almost all of the vision coding completed. Mechanical and Electrical are hoping to have the shooter completed, that climber attached and working, and for vision to be completed.


Our Systems lead, Liam, has been looking over the schedule to figure out how to best budget our time to end up with a completed robot before Week Zero. We are currently attempting to build a second, identical robot to test coding on and to allow the drive team to practice, and want that to be done around the same time that our competition robot is bagged.


Business has been very busy too! A lot of costuming was completed – patterns were stenciled onto the backs of the drive team vests, and the jetpack for the mascot has been finished. We finished Chairman’s submissions, and are writing many more award and grant essays. We launched our new website but encountered a few errors, and expect to have it up and running by the weekend. Our next steps are to finish up the awards essays and to organize all of our photos.


A bit of a fun anecdote from this weekend – on Tuesday a few members of the team were feeling a bit frazzled, so an impromptu snowball fight was held so that we could relax a bit before moving on to complete the tasks at hand. It worked!

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