Week Three Update!

(date: Jan 27, 2017)

The team has had an interesting build season so far! Mechanical and Software have been working closely together to make sure that our robot is done by the end of week four. Software has been tuning pid loops, testing the shooters, creating JSON configurations, optimizing vision, testing the climber prototype, and testing the ball gatherer.

Systems is making sure that the parts spend equal time between Software and Mechanical, as many parts still need to be put together properly. Mechanical has been fabricating parts and working with Electrical to set up the control board. We just received our new bearings, and need to slightly modify our design to fit the specifications we made. Modifications should be done by the end of week four.

Our Business subteam has been focusing on drafting the binders for awards – Chairman’s has been a large focus, with many an interview being conducted. We have been working on the entrepreneurship award and the imagery award with an emphasis on steampunk integration into our team aesthetic. Our mascot and drive team costumes are being heavily revamped  to fit the theme of this year (jet pack to be added to our phoenix soon!). We are also building a brand new website! The website should be fully operational by this weekend. Other work has been directed towards pit design, social media updating, documentation, and photo organization. Our annual Pasta Dinner planning is underway and will be taking place in early March as of now. Additionally, our Business subteam is finishing the Media and Technology awards and training for making videos.

Our team lead,  Sabra, has set our goals for the next week – we want to have the drive train, shooter, and climber built, and to have substantial progress on our gear loader. We would like our drive team to start practicing by next week, since we are using a new type of drive train that will take some getting used to.

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