Our Safety Animation Has Been Submitted!

(date: Dec 2, 2016)

Our safety animation has been submitted!

Over the past few weeks, business-team member Owen has been hard at work on creating our team’s entry for the FIRST Safety Animation Award.

This year’s safety animation topic was Quest for a Safer World. “In a world where steam rules, have your team take us on a Quest to a place where a culture of safety prevails.” (FirstInspires.org) There were multiple topics to choose from, including environmental sustainability and data security. Our video is about password safety – teaching the rules of creating good, strong passwords to prevent hackers and keep one’s online identity safe.

Owen and Lauren (both first-year business-team members) wrote the script for the animation. The voice acting for the animation was done by Amber, Tim, Will, Sarah, and Aasha.

Last year, we were unfortunately unable to meet the deadline and didn’t submit an entry in the contest. Here’s hoping we’ll win this year!

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