Making our Team Steampunk’d!

Over the last few weeks, the business team’s art department has been hard at work on creating the mascot and drive team costumes! Because this year’s theme is steampunk, this has been a very challenging yet fun project for everyone!

Using stencils,  Lauren (first year team member) has been painting on the team logo onto the vests that our drive team members are going to wear.

Becca (third year team member) has been very hard at work creating a jet-pack that will be attached to this year’s mascot costume. Her design is very innovative and creative, making use of different types of bottles and is decorated with gears. She is currently working on figuring out a way to create fake flames to be shooting out of the bottom of the jet-packs, to make it more realistic and very cool!

We are all very excited to see how everything will look once its all finished!

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