Our Fairytale Access Interview!


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I think more people should be made aware that failure is not always a bad thing and that good comes out of learning from your failures.  Heck if Einstein never learned from his failures we would not have a lot of his successes.

Dick Gagnon

Our team recently had the privilege of being featured on the Nashua Access Channel, Fairytale Access. We spoke with host Denise-Marie McIntosh about our team, our involvement with the Boys and Girls Club, and about what our team is doing to level the playing field for women in STEM! This episode also highlights how our team has learned from past experiences, and how our past decisions have allowed us to become the organization that we are, today. Our show was picked up by stations in Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, Kansas, Iowa, and New Hampshire! We would like to extend our gratitude to the staff of the Fairytale Access Station for working with us!


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